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We are pleased to bring to you for procurement , installation and use, an automated solution, "HYPERTRAC" software that synchronizes both individual and corporate business transactions on a single platform, and makes it easy and convenient to access and monitor Information concerning business transactions. The objective of "HYPERTRAC" is to reduce the traffic and stress of service providers, clients and contractors from physically following up of Documents, Files, Proposals and Business Transactions.


"HYPERTRAC" is an international patent licensed software that synchronizes both individuals and corporate Business transactions on a single platform, it is meant for easy access and monitoring of Information concerning business transactions within an organization helping with workflow processes, interface with service providers etc. It is for the benefit of Mankind and does not have restrictions for its usage. The sole Objective is to reduce the traffic and stress of service providers and contractors from visiting offices for the purpose of following up of Documents, files, proposals and Business Transactions as it helps in introducing a unique relationship between Business partners, Countries, State Governments, clients, contractors and security Agencies etc. HYPERTRAC will connect people on its platform for business, education, diplomatic and social purposes as this relationship will be of more benefits to all on the platform.


This Solution would improve the ease of doing business within any country, state, organization and by extension improve the rating on the World Ease of Doing Business Index (DBI). If files and documents can be acted upon from anywhere in the world it then means staff will no longer be limited to time and space. This will enhance the Ease of Doing Business in your organization coupled with the fact that all your service providers like contractors, vendors and individuals will be able to know and get real-time updates of the status of their files from their own portal on the HYPERTRAC platform.

  1. Makes the work of your staff easier
  2. Work is done faster as technology enables it.
  3. Gives the higher Superior officers easier access to official records thereby enabling them  monitor the status of any file/job from anywhere in the world. This makes for flexibility and reduction in stress.
  4. Makes your organization a reference point in the league of both locally and internationally.
    • Makes your organization a flagship institution amongst others
    • Better positioned to serve your clients.
    • Potential for getting a higher rating for Ease of Doing Business Index with your government and international organizations
    • Reduces waste,  time, money and other input like equipment and paper
    • Reduction in overall cost of doing business
    • More efficiency and openness in government business
    • Your organization will not be limited by time and space
    • It will enable your organization to quickly respond to inquiries
    • It further keys into the anti-corruption project in your country
    • Makes your organization and government even more transparent.

You may ask how can you trust HYPERTRAC with your Data and how secure is HYPERTRAC ?

Apart from the backing of data in the cloud with very reputable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) not all HYPERTRAC staff will have access to certain levels of information uploaded unless upgraded and authorized to do so.
Our strong belief is that  HYPERTRAC is a  solution that is required by every organization as it is an advanced technology which helps to build or foster relationship between clients and contractors for their mutual benefit.