About Us

We are providing services for all your documents and paper works related to Embassy, Presidency, NNPC, GLO, Shell etc.

HYPERTRAC helps in reducing the stress of following the update of your file thereby making individuals always going to the office premises which can lead to health problems or cause accidents as the case may be. In this case your files are being monitored remotely from the convenience of your home or office giving you actual and detailed updates of your work.


With HYPERTRAC, status update of documents are communicated immediately and directly to concerned contractors and clients that are registered in the platform so real time monitoring is been made live.


Business process and procedures are done digitally and remotely and so the status of documents are been handled for clients to get updates instantly by monitoring it.


We've dedicated departments as well as sub-departments for all your documents handling and queries.

We will make sure that your requirements are addressed on time.

We create a platform for Government Agencies, Embassies, Sea ports authorities, International Oil and Gas Companies and large conglomerates staff to be able to devote more time on their jobs so thereby addressing your files on time and with full attention.

Everything made easy with our well organized support team.

We pass it across appropriate departments to make sure you get the best.

The sole desire of HYPERTRAC is to give the best services and so our platform provides for all departments to be registered to enable your files pass through the right channels and on time.