We provide services for different government and non-government related needs, currently we offer the following services.

Why choose us?

HYPERTRAC retains the potential to enable any nation to climb up from her current Doing Business Index (DBI) in the world to her targeted rating.
We give you access to updates on your files digitally and monitoring of your files from the convenience of your office and home from anywhere in the world without stress.
It saves time, money for logistic purposes, the risk involved in car accident or plane crash while moving from point "A" to "B", because with" HYPERTRAC" your files can be monitored from the comfort of your home or office with your smart devices, laptops and computers thereby also reducing distractions for staff of public and private institutions etc.
  • The importance of HYPERTRAC in any establishment is to have access to information from the convenience of your office or home thereby reducing the traffic and stress of service provider from their clients visiting office on a regular basis.
  • It also reduces visitors.
  • It creates a more secured working environment since visitors are reduced to the minimal and monitored through the requirement and approval of invitation letters before visitors can gain access into the clients' premises.
  • It is safe to do their official assignments since contractors/vendors do not really need to visit regularly any more for follow-up purposes thereby avoiding distraction during office hours.
  • Helps in Monitoring contractors/vendors documents, files, proposals and jobs in their clients' offices without their actual presence and disturbance but also gives them update and information that they need.
  • It gives you access not only to your information but links you to other clients for further business transactions and your access is unlimited.
  • With the use of HYPERTRAC, it will help in reducing corruption and fraud in our society as it has been observed that corruption is found in every sector of the society.
  • HYPERTRAC will also help to increase a nation or State Internal Generated Revenue (IGR).
  • 9. Another major benefits of HYPERTRAC include the following: it helps in reducing fraud as it is being monitored without any interference, in the society we live today fraud is becoming the order of the day as it is found in every organization, private, corporate and Government establishment, but with HYPERTRAC, jobs, proposals and contracts can be monitored as processes are been captured in real time thereby making all parties satisfied at the end of the day.

With this platform you are safe as your files, proposals and contract will be monitored by you from anywhere in the world without fear and stress, providing you with updates on your files.

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We are reliable as your files will go through all appropriate channels and attended to, with you getting all the information from the platform.

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All attended files are updated immediately on the platform for you to get immediate update about them without any further delay.

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